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Miles this is wonderful. At first I wasn't sure why I needed to walk around the space to press the button, but once I had press it 300 times with my face glued to the button it made sense. The level acting as a sort of deprivation chamber drew me aggressively towards hitting the button, and your choice of sounds was equal parts motivating and horrific (Bass boosted Fortnite music really got to me). I will say the presses counter resetting for each sound wasn't entirely clear at first, and I'm still not entirely sure how to read the range. I would almost prefer there be more, clearer data, but out of the way of the button so players could be more isolated in their shame. Overall though, this is a simple idea that you have managed to knock out of the park with an incredibly elegant execution. Well  done!

Miles this is super great. I really enjoy the concept and I think the fact that it made me sit there and press that button again and again so I could have my speakers blown out by the fortnite default dance is evidence that your implementation is successful. 
I see you've noted you're aware the camera can like flip around sometimes, I think that + a fairly high mouse sensitivity is my biggest critique and since its something I researched when doing the camera work on my pet game I wanted to just toss in the idea that worked for me was to use something like 
rotationX = Mathf.Clamp(rotationX, -boundAngle, boundAngle); when calculating the camera rotation based on the mouse input to sort of bound the rotations that are allowed. Not sure if this will easily translate to the way you did it, but I figure on the chance that it does I would share.
I also appreciate the inclusion of the range the sound could play in, as well as how many presses I've done. I think while that wouldn't be something a rat would necessarily know in the experiment, it actually adds to the feeling of wanting to keep going. I found myself thinking "122 is the max and I'm at 89, so how many more can it really be?"
Overall I enjoyed the memes! Thanks for sharing this.

This game.... is enjoyable. Very much so. I was conditioned to press the button over and over. I was the rat. I got the concept. I have grokked this.

Critique: I would decrease the mouselook sensitivity a bit. I would also like some more "I am a rat" iconography in the box, maybe Dr. Skinner peering in from above or something. A little bit more "AHH" to the whole situation I think would be a benefit.