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Miles! I love this. The writing is good and unique, the aesthetic is super cute, and its very repeatable. I love the sound effects that play when you select an answer and the one that plays when you're assigned an element is really nice and adds a real sense of this being a polished game. I agree with what Jordan said about the text selection. On my initial playthrough, I had to select between the two answer options for a second just to see which one was highlighted. I think maybe a slight size increase on highlight or maybe a pulse or bob effect might make it clearer, but this is only really a problem super early on. Overall though, super good work!

Hi Miles, I had a good time playing Little Wizard. My wizard became a fire wizard. I wanted to answer some of the questions differently and I got fire wizard again :) So I went through a third time and ended up with water wizard.
My biggest praise has to go to the questions you wrote, they are really really great. I think they hit the right balance between being simple, interesting, and fun. I also think there are a good total number of questions, and their content & themes don't bleed into one another and that's impressive to me. Plus I think the right number of them have an arcane/fantasy flavor to instill that essence into the game which I am also very impressed by! I think audio sound effects would be a welcome addition, and along that same vein I think I would enjoy seeing a little visual flair to my cursor and selections. Maybe if the text you had selected kind of bobbed up and down while you hovered over it or something and maybe little magic sparks could come out when you picked an option. Your art here is really nice to look at and I think you did a nice job matching the visual identity of the text and UI to the pixel art. All in all thanks for putting this out there! I had a good time with it.

I thought this was going to be a bunch of elemental wizards. unless the instructions tell you all the types of wizards. some things you could improve are include animations to the wizard (not my strong suit so take w salt) and changing up the music per result

I love this game! My wizard was a light wizard. I think quiz games like these are very fun. If I had to state an improvement I wish the wizard would slowly develop as the quiz went through. For example, it gained a familiar, or raised a necromancy zombie, depending on what my answers are.

Little Wizard is Amazing!!! My Little Wizard became a wind wizard and I'm so happy! Miles this is an awesome idea for a virtual pet the music and art style mesh really well and the questions are entertaining to go though! The one thing is I wish there was more! I want to take care of my Little Wizard! Waiting for Little Wizard 2!

I enjoy this game a lot! I get a fire wizard and I like them. I really like the mood this game is creating and I feel like I am not having a pet but rather having a friend that can talk to me. I think this is a really complete game, and the art style is really good. For suggeston, I think maybe you can add some gameplays after the wizard is changed and starts working at your home, like some little animation and movements, if you want to develop this game further more.

Aww I love this so much! Its like one of those quizzes from online or like from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon but it seems really well done, almost a sorting hat energy (which every player loves, the key to any introductory fantasy or class system or whatever). I think this is super enjoyable and really showcases your tastes in a great way. I also love the music (I think it's like the shop music or Beetle's music?), it definitely soothes. I think the only input I have is that when I press the right or left arrow keys I'd like a small sound effect, sort of similar to the intent that you have when the player chooses one of the options a sound effect plays. I'd also love if the little wizard had an animation of some kind but that might be a bit too out of scope for a jam like this.